Friday, June 24, 2022


On our way down to St. Petersburg for our nephews wedding we stopped at the Savannah South KOA in Richmond Hill, Georgia.  Sites were small, but not as small and crowded as the St. Petersburg Madeira Beach KOA sites. It was an overnight stay, so we really didn't do full hookups, just used the electric. What worried me was the sign next to the pond that indicated there were gators in the area, so needless to say I avoided the pond area. We didn't have much time to check the area out.  I was a bit frustrated with the GPS trying to take us up and down a back road when I happened to see the KOA sign as we passed by it.  I managed to turn the rig around without much problem and made it back to the KOA without incident. Had I been in a big rig semi-tractor trailer I might have had some issues on getting turned around, but luckily, I was driving the much smaller 37-foot Motorhome.

Below are the only pics I took while at the Savannah South KOA. They were of the dogs inside the Motorhome.  After all, that's what the whole idea of taking the Motorhome was to keep the dogs close to where we were. They were happy I stopped so they could relax a bit and so was I. You can always go to the link for the Savannah South KOA to see pictures of this particular KOA if you are interested.

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