Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Our First RV, a 2004 Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel

This is the back where the entry door and great room was located. We were so happy to finally have our own, brand new RV!
This is the front where the bedroom and bathroom were located above the hitch.
Completely set up and ready to use at one of our favorite campgrounds, one of many campgrounds we appreciated.
Another angle of our normal setup at a different campsite at the Dayton KOA in Ohio.

Once again at the same site at the Dayton KOA in Ohio.

This is at a campsite at Natural Springs campground in New Paris, Ohio. You can also see the 2004 Ford F350 Dually Crew Cab we used to pull the RV with.

Camping. Our First Tent. Everything has a beginning

Looks normal from the outside but everyone made fun of how neat and orderly it was inside with all of the conveniences.  They said we weren't roughing it at all, but we told them this is as much roughing it as we wanted to get.
We had cots, sheets, blankets, and pillows inside along with TV trays to hold our lamps...
Coffee pot, and coolers to keep our beer, pop, and food cold of course.
Of course we had to have an entry light to see our way into the tent and to see who was arriving at our tent if the campfire was not burning.


Sunday, August 8, 2021


This blog is dedicated to our Family, Friends, Peeps, Associates, and Followers whom we have or had the pleasure of knowing and our acquaintances over our lifetime.  It is intended to provide a central location where you can find not only links to our social media pages, but a story line about our RV adventures, how we got involved in the RV full time life, and of course some pictures displaying our adventure stories as they happen.  We are open to suggestions for content so we may make the blog more pleasurable to keep your attention as we move through our adventures. Rick has had comments in his other blogs from peeps who have indicated he should write a book, so that will be one of the purposes of this blog, to hone Rick's writing skills, so feedback is appreciated as you read through this and Rick's other blogs.

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