Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Wapakoneta KOA

We stayed at the Wapakoneta KOA during the summer of 2023, mid-May through the end of October while my Wife Deb worked at St. Rita's Hospital in Lima, Ohio. We were impressed with the Customer Service Skills of the staff and their ability to handle almost anything that came up or come their way. The Wapakoneta KOA staff handled everything with a smile and followed up to make sure campers were happy and had a great time. A special shout out goes to the Managers, Kevin and Karen for a successful summer along with their staff, Pat & Ken, Larry & Mary, and to Ryan who hired these people to take care of the campground.

The campground has small sites width wise but that doesn't stop people from camping there.  In fact, they have half a dozen campers that are seasonal who enjoy staying at the campground during the summer.

 One thing that I will remember about this summer at Wapakoneta was a fly getting into my ear while I was sitting on the bench in the K9 Camp area. I heard a buzzing sound and the next thing you know there was a fly in my ear. I tried to shake it out, Q-Tip it out, and finally decided to just drown the thing by pouring water into my ear. Once I figured out that I wasn't going to get it out, I went to the Wapakoneta Urgent Care, and they couldn't get it out either. I then went to the ER at St. Rita's and after a couple of nurses and doctors tried to get it out, they couldn't get it out either.  So, I was sent to an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Doctor. They were finally able to get it out with a suction tool that the Urgent Care nor the ER at St. Rita's did not have.

We enjoyed the Pool during the summer and the large area in the back of the KOA where we could walk our dogs and kids could play in the playground area.  The game room was a treat too. Although I did spend about $25 trying to win a stuffed animal which I finally won.  When I took it back to the RV with me our dog Bella figured it was hers and took it. She loves her stuffed animals.

Below are a few pictures of Wapakoneta KOA.  Enjoy.

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