Saturday, December 17, 2022

Cross Creek Campground Resort (CCCR)

We spent most of the summer at Cross Creek Campground Resort (CCCR) which is next to Alum Creek State Park near Delaware, Ohio. We stayed from June 3rd through August 25th, 2022, on the same site full time. We took car trips back home to Dayton, Ohio area frequently to visit friends/relatives who live in the area.

Everyone who worked at the campground was very friendly and helpful.  We all enjoyed our stay, including our three dogs.  Molly, our mixed lab we got from a shelter as a pup didn't make it through the entire stay though. She was diagnosed with cancer before we left Wilmington, NC to come back to Ohio. You can read more about Molly at her Tribute Memorial Site if you wish.

I got into the pool here at the campground at least once after a hot and frustrating day of cleaning up after a Great Dane who had diarrhea, so I could cool off and rest.  I planned on getting into the pool more before we left and was hoping Deb would get into it as well. Pool always got pretty crowded during the weekends, so we pretty much only got in during the week when there weren't as many campers at the campground.

We still had our cherished campfires, cookouts, and walked the dogs a lot. We still enjoyed the amenities of home like TV, Movies, Internet, and Music.  After all, the Motorhome is our home.  It goes with us wherever we go except for when we have to travel via air for vacation away from the Motorhome.

We had to stay in a hotel when our rear AC unit died after a storm passed through right about our second weekend at the campground while we were having heat indexes going over 100 degrees. We did go back to the Motorhome during the first weekend since it cooled off but ended up back in a hotel after the weekend when the heat wave hit again.

It took a shipment of 4 AC units to finally get a good AC unit to replace the original AC unit that died. The time frame went from around June 14th up until July 25th to finally get a good serviceable unit in place in the bedroom of the Motorhome to keep it cool. Felt sorry for the AC repairman climbing up and down on the roof each time only to find out the new AC unit he just installed didn't work.  The second unit he put in actually worked for 5 days but then died. We went out and bought one of the portable floor AC units that vent through a window so we wouldn't have to go stay in a hotel again.  While that helped, it wasn't really like the AC should be when both the AC units on the roof are running. Since we couldn't vent the portable AC unit through any of the Windows in the back of the Motorhome, we had to put the portable AC unit next to one of the sliding windows in the cab to cool the living room area and close all the vents from the roof AC unit in the front so the air would blow through the open vents in the back of the Motorhome.

After all was said and done, the AC repairman sent me a picture of the bad AC units telling me he was calling it "Smith Tower".

We had put up our dog fence and had expanded it out to the edge of our site before we were told we had to take it down.  We were told we were allowed to put it up temporarily for training purposes but had to take it down when training was over.  We were told everyone who had fences were told the same thing.  It was disappointing though, to see when other people came in, they put up fences and weren't told to take them down so we said something and was told those people would have to be told to take them down as well.

Overall, we enjoyed our time at Cross Creek Campground Resort despite the fence issue.  We just tied our dogs to the torch stakes so they could sit out by the fire with us, and they seemed to be happy with that.  The ideal situation would have been to be able to use the fence so our dogs could roam freely on our site, but people are afraid of our big dogs.  I guess they think they will jump the fence and come get them, but deep inside they are the same as the little dogs and wouldn't hurt anyone, unless of course someone were to attack us, and they could see we were in danger.

I was impressed by one young lady who I nicknamed "Barefoot Blacktop Walker". No lie, when it was close to 100 degrees this girl was walking barefoot on the blacktop.  I had to ask her if it burned her feet and of course she said no.  I told her she must not have any feeling in her feet.  I bet she could walk on burning coals like you hear about and see in movies.  I only saw her with a pair of shoes on once, and it was just before she left for school.

Below are pictures we took while we were at Cross Creek Campground Resort. Enjoy!

Pics of the dogs enjoying the campground.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Lebanon/Cincinnati NE KOA Holiday

We stayed at the Lebanon KOA between May 30th through June 3rd for the first time since it became a KOA before moving off to Columbus, Ohio for Deb's contract during the summer of 2022.  It was called Cedarbrook Campground the last time we stayed there years ago.  We actually had a monthly site there one summer when it was called Cedarbrook and we had our Cougar Fifth Wheel we pulled with our F350 Dually Super Duty Truck.

While the layout of the campground remained the same, some of the sites were replaced with cabins and a couple of more shower houses/restrooms were added.

Several sites have been upgraded to concrete slabs/patios along with amenities for them to be part of what makes the campground a KOA Holiday.

There are still some employees working there who were there when it was Cedarbrook.  All of the employees were very friendly, courteous, and helpful. We would definitely return to this campground to stay for future visits.

Below are pics of this campground.


Friday, June 24, 2022


On our way back from Florida we stopped at the Point South Yemassee KOA.  I was really impressed with this campground.  It had nice showers and a little bar that served a wide assortment of Wine along with a local IPA beer that I thought tasted pretty good.  I am not one who likes IPA beer, so it had to taste good for me to drink it.  They also made pizzas to order and wings, so we had to buy some to see what they were like, and I really enjoyed them.

The dog walk was really nice, with red mulch the same as the St. Petersburg Madeira Beach had in their dog walk.

I would recommend this KOA to anyone who likes pizza, wine, and IPA beer.

Below are pics of this campground.


On our way down to St. Petersburg for our nephews wedding we stopped at the Savannah South KOA in Richmond Hill, Georgia.  Sites were small, but not as small and crowded as the St. Petersburg Madeira Beach KOA sites. It was an overnight stay, so we really didn't do full hookups, just used the electric. What worried me was the sign next to the pond that indicated there were gators in the area, so needless to say I avoided the pond area. We didn't have much time to check the area out.  I was a bit frustrated with the GPS trying to take us up and down a back road when I happened to see the KOA sign as we passed by it.  I managed to turn the rig around without much problem and made it back to the KOA without incident. Had I been in a big rig semi-tractor trailer I might have had some issues on getting turned around, but luckily, I was driving the much smaller 37-foot Motorhome.

Below are the only pics I took while at the Savannah South KOA. They were of the dogs inside the Motorhome.  After all, that's what the whole idea of taking the Motorhome was to keep the dogs close to where we were. They were happy I stopped so they could relax a bit and so was I. You can always go to the link for the Savannah South KOA to see pictures of this particular KOA if you are interested.


Spent the very first weekend of April in the area of St. Petersburg, Florida to attend a very tightly scheduled wedding for Deb's nephew and his FiancĂ©. During this time frame Deb's Family stayed at a local hotel, but I drove the Motorhome from Wilmington, NC to St. Petersburg with our three dogs in tow so we would have a place for them to stay.  We did lodge them for the weekend at a local pet shelter where they were taken care of very well. We got there a day before the rest of the Family did and we left after the rest of the Family flew back home to Ohio and Georgia.  On the way down we stayed at another KOA and on the way back we also stayed at even a different KOA.  There will be separate postings for each of them.

Below are pics of the St. Petersburg Madeira Beach KOA.


Cross Creek Campground Resort (CCCR)

We spent most of the summer at Cross Creek Campground Resort  (CCCR) which is next to Alum Creek State Park near Delaware, Ohio. We stayed f...