Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Holden Beach/Shallotte area Restaurants and Hangouts

 1. At the top of our list was The Cove Restaurant where we enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, and the bar area.  It's where I had my first Samuel Adams Octoberfest and Winterfest beer and enjoyed drinking it for quite a while until they were no longer seasonal.  When they changed the tap to Cold Snap they lost me because I just couldn't get my taste buds wrapped around it. Will have to wait until next year I guess to enjoy the Octoberfest and Winterfest flavors again.

2. Second place goes to the Wings & Fish Company in Shallotte, just a few miles up the road.  Great range of beer and also had great food.  Servers were also very friendly and communicative.

3. Third place goes to the Provision Company where you order your food at a counter on the way in and pick up your drinks. Really enjoyed their seafood and atmosphere.

4. Fourth place goes Jerome's Steak and Seafood. We had the buffet there which was really great with a wide assortment of food.

5. Fifth place goes to Mermaid's Island Grill. Another order at the counter on the way in and they will bring it to you.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Holden Beach RV Campground

We stayed at Holden Beach RV Campground when we first got to North Carolina because it was close to the next travel nursing job that Deb was supposed to work at Brunswick hospital.  About an hour before we got to the campground Deb was notified her contract was cancelled because they hired someone locally to fill the position.  We stayed at Holden Beach RV campground for about a month before we moved to the Wilmington KOA in Wilmington, NC where Deb was hired onto after finding out she didn't get the Brunswick hospital job.  Below are a few of the pics we had taken while staying there.

In the above pic Bella is watching squirrels run around

Above pic shows our "floating lights" on the temporary fence we put up

Motor home all lit up as dusk approaches

Pic above and pic below are of the first site we were placed on

While I don't have any pics of the ladies that handle the office check in desk I have to say they were all very friendly, understanding, and very helpful.  They were so helpful that we decided to give them all a Christmas tip in cash to divide amongst themselves.

We really enjoyed our stay there up to a point to where there was a miscommunication between the owners and the rules limiting the number of dogs one could have and whether or not a temporary fence could be set up.  Once that was brought to light we decided to move on to another campground which was closer to where Deb was working anyway.  It was an hour drive for her to drive to/from work from Holden Beach RV Campground.  Deb works 12 hour days and the drive to/from work made it a 14 hour day for her, so we had to move anyway.

I will add there are more campsites going into the back of the Holden Beach RV Campground but it is a field they are converting and they will need to make sure they add trees to shade the sites, otherwise the sun will bake the RVs and air conditioning will have a hard time keeping up.

There is another campground going into the Holden Beach area along the road on the way to Shallotte that was being built while we were staying at Holden Beach RV Campground.  This new campground will also have to plant trees in order to shade the RVs during the hotter months.  There was no name nor sign up for that campground but it is near the golf range practice area off to the left as you travel towards Shallotte from Holden Beach.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Various Campsites We Stayed On At Elkhart Campground

First camp site

Second camp site

Third camp site

Fourth camp site

We moved for the convenience of the campground due to already reserved sites we were on.  So, we ended up on 4 different campsites overall while at Elkhart.

Wind Damage to Elkhart Campground Trees

While at Elkhart campground we experienced firsthand the damage winds could do to the trees and near misses of having trees falling onto the RVs staying there.

The image below shows a canopy someone left out that was caught up in wind


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