Sunday, February 13, 2022

Watering Holes and Restaurants in Elkhart, Indiana

Felt it should be a separate posting for the various watering holes and restaurants we frequented in Elkhart, Indiana so here we go.  Most of these were recommended by the locals but a couple we just happened to try out. Enjoy the venue.

Tradewinds Restaurant and The Galley Sports Pub has an excellent atmosphere whether you want to get something to eat in the restaurant or the pub.  They also have outdoor volleyball courts with sand and outdoor seating next to them. Like many sports pubs these days they offer various activities like Trivia, Queen of Hearts drawings, Bingo, and live music.  Thanks to Paul and Donna who recommended this one to us.

Flippin Cow was right next to the lake with tables overlooking Simonton Lake. This was another restaurant that Paul and Donna, longtime residents of Elkhart recommended, and it was just as good as they said it was. We tried The Stella Moo sandwich Paul and Donna recommended and it was as good as they said it was.

Iechyd Da Brewery was along the route we took to get my Wife to/from work so I stopped in there one day to try out their beers and pizza.  I thought it was good but I am not much into IPAs so I wasn't impressed much with the beer.  The pizza was good though.  They were only open Wednesday through Saturday which made it difficult to try to take my Wife in there since she works nights and the place opens at 3PM on Wednesday and Thursday, 11AM on Friday, and Noon on Saturday and Sunday.  They closed at 9PM except for Sunday when they closed at 8PM.

Re-Pete's Simonton Lake Tavern was another one of our favorite places to frequent.  Besides the wide variety of beer on tap they also had great food.  My favorite was the grilled shrimp skewers.

El Camino Real is a great Mexican restaurant we visited on a regular basis because the food was authentic and the atmosphere makes you feel like you are actually in Mexico. We enjoyed the Corona Margaritas they served there, but we could only handle one with our food since we had to drive back to the campground. My favorite dish was the Camarones Panzones which was shrimp with cheese wrapped in bacon. My Wife's favorite was the Fajitas.

Wings ETC was a watering hole/restaurant which I frequented because the staff was always very friendly and learned what I wanted to drink when I sat down at the bar. This place reminded me a lot of Fricker's back home in Ohio. Amber Boch, one of my favorite beers was still available at Wings ETC, plus they had the 33 ounce mugs that I always liked.

Unfortunately time was limited for us to do a lot of things with my Wife's work hours. Being a nurse is a rough life.  They work 12 hour days back to back for about 3 or 4 days and then get a couple of days off in between.  My Wife ends up sleeping most of her time off just to recover from the hours she just worked. Since I am retired, I normally drive her to/from work to let her rest as much as possible between shifts.

There are a lot more restaurants in the Elkhart, Indiana area.  If you are ever visiting Elkhart or the surrounding area just Google the restaurants.  You can also use Yelp or Trip Advisor to help you find a place to eat that you will enjoy.

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