Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Elkhart Indiana Pics & Captions

Below are pics of interest about Elkhart, Indiana, the RV capital of the World.  There is a RV museum and soon there will be a Mobile Home Museum right next to it. What we found fascinating about Elkhart was the statues of Elks, painted differently and in various locations as well as the hearts which were also different and placed in various locations throughout the region. They also painted their boxes for the traffic light controllers with images. If you wish to read more about Elkhart feel free to read the Wikipedia information which explains how Elkhart got its name and other pertinent details that may interest you.

Elkhart sign at the exit from the interstate toll road.

This Elk statue was in front of a bank

This Elk statue was in front of an Arts & Crafts store

This Elk statue was on the corner across from a Marathon and a Family Practice Clinic

A decorated heart in front of Elkhart General Hospital

Another heart in downtown Elkhart

The RV & MH Museum

Traffic light controller box

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