Friday, January 14, 2022

Our current second Motor Home, a 2019 Thor Windsport 35M

Concrete pad at my Son's house for when we visit.  He was nice enough to have it poured so I would be close to him while in Ohio. Pics immediately below are different views of the outside of the motor home parked at Elkhart Campground on different sites. Elkhart Campground was where we began our full time RVing.  Look for other postings after this in time for more details about Elkhart Campground and the surrounding community.

This black cover on the windshield is called a MagneShade. It is held on by very strong magnets, some sewed into the fabric and some held onto the inside or outside of the windshield by adhesive tape pads.  You remove it when you plan on driving but it reduces the temperature inside the RV by 20 degrees.  Very handy especially when your windshield is facing into the sun during hot weather. The sun shield that is in the RV will not keep the heat out.

In the pic to the left you can see MagneShades on the side windows as well. Those are held on by all outside magnets and are only on the cab windows on the side.  The rest of the windows are heavily tinted so they don't need MagneShades.
The residential fridge, TV, and the pantry between them.
The sink, counter, stove top with oven below it and microwave above it. Pics below show the stove top both open and closed

Looking from the back to the front. Different views inside the motor home from here down. There is actually a bath and a half in this motor home.  The full bath is in the back and the half bath is off the living room off to the right of the TV.  Washer/Dryer combo is right across from the half bath.

This is where we had our washer/dryer combo single unit installed, in the bottom of this closet.  If we had installed separate washer and dryer units we would have lost the space to hang the clothes in the upper part of the closet and they would have had to cut a hole in the side of the motor home to vent the dryer.  The combo unit washes and dries the clothes in one appliance. 

The two pictures above show the loft bed that drops from the ceiling above the cab to sleep two more people whose combined weight has to be less than 500 pounds.

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