Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Restaurants in/around Wilmington North Carolina

There are many restaurants in around Wilmington, North Carolina and we tried to get to as many as we could during Deb's days off.  I would get out to the ones I wanted to visit on my own though, since I know she wouldn't want to go to places like Hooter's, but she did go with me once while we were there.  She also went with me on a regular basis to Buffalo Wild Wings that was very close to us in the Porter's Neck shopping area. We like to try out restaurants that aren't chains even though we will still frequent our favorite chain restaurants. If you plan on taking any trips to Wilmington, North Carolina and see any restaurants you would like for us to try out please let us know.  We will be trying out many more once we return to Wilmington, North Carolina in the fall.

Restaurants we have went to are listed below, not necessarily in the order of preference, just listed as I thought of them.

1.  Carolina Crab House - We really enjoyed this place.  They steam up a variety of combo plates of various seafoods along with small red potatoes and serve it up to you in a plate surrounded by a plastic bag. We definitely will go back. This was the first restaurant we went to in Wilmington, North Carolina.

2.  Cape Fear Seafood Company - Great seafood served here as well and the waiters/waitresses are very friendly making sure you have everything you need to enjoy your meal.

3.  KM38 Baja Grill - Mexican cuisine with great margaritas and atmosphere.

4.  Brunches - Wonderful brunch place that serves up Mimosas and various coffee liquor drinks along with a variety of breakfast concoctions. This was Deb's and her coworkers favorite place to meet after a long night of work to wind down and relax before going home to sleep.

5.  Ogden Tap Room - Huge line of IPBs and other popular beers on tap along with a great menu.  I enjoyed a couple of their menu items that come in pairs.  At first I was like who could eat two of those huge beef hot dogs or pretzels but then I found out it wasn't so hard to do and I enjoyed them with my beer.  This place was right across from the Wilmington KOA where we stayed.

I may add more to this post later but for now I want to get it posted so everyone can see where we went to eat besides McDonald's and BW3s(Buffalo Wild Wings).

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