Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Transitioning to Elkhart, Indiana - Our first full time campground

 As I mentioned previously in my earlier postings our first full time RV campground was Elkhart Campground. Older postings are towards the bottom of the blog, so if you are lost, please start at the bottom of the blog and catch up!

The Hosts of the Elkhart Campground were very accommodating.  We had to move a few times from site to site in order to stay at the campground but they honored our monthly rate even though we had to move.  They said the move was for their convenience so they didn't change our rate from the time we arrived at the campground.

The Hosts and their employees were very friendly and helped with anything we needed while staying there.  All of the mail was delivered to a mail room where we could pick it up as it came in.  Something that not all campgrounds will allow, mail delivery, so you have to check with each campground as you book your reservations to make sure you are allowed to have mail delivered to you.

We had already planned on selling the house when I retired and going full time so it was a no brainer once Debbie, my Wife, decided to work out of Elkhart, Indiana, and the fact we were in the midst of a pandemic and could only work from home, that we just go ahead and sell the house and begin the full time RV plan.  We put our house on the market on a Friday and it was sold by Monday. What a whirlwind followed after.

25 years of "stuff" to get rid of. Now you have to really think about this.  25 years of hoarding, keeping things you really didn't need to keep, stuff that you couldn't be moving from place to place with you and if you decided to keep it, you would have to rent storage somewhere to put it.  We did that with what we had left that would fit into a 6 by 12-feet U-Haul trailer attached to the back of the motor home. So if you ever think about going full time in a RV, you better listen to George Carlin's video about stuff so you can more intelligently decide exactly what "stuff" you need.

By the time we left Elkhart we eliminated 80% of the "stuff" we had in storage so we only had the other 20% that we were able to fit into the car and motor home to take back to Ohio with us to get rid of it.  We are still dealing with a fraction of "stuff" we need to get rid of but we are learning to become minimalists so eventually we will have this honed down to a comfortable level of what we actually "need" to be moving with us from place to place.

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